Service List

Pre-Move-In Inspection - Generally, the best time to detect evidence of previous infestations or mechanical deficiencies in residential and commercial properties is prior to occupation but after construction and cleaning have been completed. Openings around utility lines, gaps between structural elements, evidence of moisture conditions and the remains of insect and rodent activity are more visible in an empty structure. Recommended for every new home dweller and new business owner.

Pre- and Post-Renovation Analysis
- Repairs or improvements to your home or business may create new opportunities for pest infestation. Plumbing or electrical work, updates to your computer system, or installation of cable service, may require opening the walls to remove old equipment or install new equipment. If the wall is not closed you may begin to see pests you had never seen before. Sometimes, infestations in your space can be caused by construction in adjacent structures or even street repairs. Recommended for residents and business owners in construction or street repair areas.

Intensive Targeted Pest Elimination
- Some pest infestations require the rapid total elimination of the offending pest. Bed bugs in your living space or rodents in a food service establishment come to mind. Successful elimination of such infestations requires the work of a pest control team consisting of Skedaddle staff, the resident or business owner, maintenance staff and others, depending on the location of the residence or business. The work is intensive because it requires thorough preparation and several treatments.

In some cases, structural repair or renovation is also required. It is recommended that sightings of these types of pests be professionally addressed as soon after discovery as possible. Insects and rodents reproduce rapidly and, in the case of bed bugs, self treatment often results in spreading the infestation.

Scheduled Maintenance
: Establishing the correct service interval for your site is an important aspect of Skedaddle's efforts to provide you with high quality reasonably priced pest management. Taking into consideration your location, history of pest problems, type of residence or business, and threats of infestation posed by human traffic, deliveries, refuse collection schedules and other relevant factors, we will establish a service interval that provides a high level of pest management but does not break your budget.

Service Pods:

People sometimes think quality pest management is beyond their budget. This is especially true of difficult to control pests such as bed bugs, ants, mice, and beetles which usually require multiple visits.

We can reduce your service charges by 20 to 30 percent if you can form a pod of three or four people in your neighborhood who can take service on the same day and within the same four hour service window as you can.

Private Home Special:

Imagine a 60-story skyscraper laid on its side, divided in half with a street running through the middle. That would be equivalent to a city block of private homes.

In the same way pest management companies control pests in and around skyscrapers, we can control pests in and around the homes of residents on an entire city block. If your block can benefit from comprehensive pest management, our staff would be happy to speak with you.

Pre-Occupancy Service:

The best time to secure an apartment, house or business against pest infestations is prior to residents or business owners moving into their new premises. We provide the following pre-occupancy services:

  • Inspection and recording of pest entry points
  • Sealing of pest entry points
  • Detection of previous pest activity
  • Preventive treatment for roach and mouse activity
  • Follow up service within one month of the initial treatment
  • Determination of appropriate treatment interval. For most businesses monthly service is required. Homes may be effectively treated monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually depending on previous conditions and the surrounding area.