Rodent Treatment

If you hear mysterious noises in the wall and find chewed up holes in your personal belongings, it would appear that something has made a new home in your house. Call our pest control service to find out who your new house guest is and how to tell them they have overstayed their welcome. We do live animal trapping for all your infestation needs as well as exterminator services.

Rodent infestation can cause contamination to your food, leave behind feces, and other inconveniences. Our pest control company provides you with a detailed and thorough mice removal and treatment program. Our trained staff will eliminate the mice within your home as well as prevent future infestations. If you suspect that mice are running around in your house, call us immediately. We prevent further problems associated with rodents’ quick reproduction, disease spreading, and gnawing of wood and furniture.

For a quality rodent treatment service contact us today! We proudly serve the Bronx, NY area. We can also help with bug control and moth control.