About Us

Skedaddle Pest Management is an employee-owned and operated pest management company serving the five boroughs of New York City and nearby counties. Our staff has over 70 years of experience controlling insects, rodents and other pests in residential and commercial structures, private homes and houses of worship, pre-school institutions, senior housing and food service businesses.

As an important member of your pest management team,Skedaddle embraces the responsibility to provide your community with the highest quality pest management products and materials, applied and installed in accordance with the best practices of the pest management industry.

We offer a full range of services designed to seal out, control or eliminate pest infestations that may disrupt your comfort or present a threat to your health or property, including: Pre- move- in inspection, Pre- and post-renovation analysis, intensive targeted pest elimination, scheduled maintenance and training seminars.

Staff Training - Where appropriate, Skedaddle Pest Management offers staff training courses to our clients. Maintenance restoration teams and hotel housekeeping staffs may benefit from training in recognizing signs of bed bug infestations, for example. In other cases, education about new products would be helpful. Twenty years ago, many people refused a new roach treatment product known as gel bait.

Today, most people recognize the effectiveness of gel applied with bait guns or roach bait stations. Pest management technology continues to advance, producing safer and more effective products. They will be more likely to be accepted in cases where Skedaddle can educate staff and residents about them.

Skedaddle Pest Management offers high quality, reasonably priced pest management, delivered by licensed, experienced, employee owners in accordance with the best practices of the pest management industry.

Pest management is a team effort most effectively executed where there is mutual trust, respect, and knowledge of the needs and capabilities of each team member. Skedaddle Pest Management works hard to be worthy members of your pest management team; bringing extensive technical experience and a wide range of field experience to bear on your specific pest management needs.